Thursday, 12 June 2014

Login-keyring password prompting after booting [Ubuntu]

Problem:-  'Login-Keyring' window is coming after starting Ubuntu.(Really annoying!)

Solution:-  Let's solve the problem via terminal. Terminal is such stuff in any Linux which make you powerful to perform tasks.Now the solution goes here

You can go to 'Dash Home'  by clicking the left hand top icon of the desktop and write 'terminal' there.

Now if you click there a 'black window' will open,this is what we call 'terminal'

You can also open it from Keyboard by pressing 'Ctrl+Alt+T'.
Now write the following code there:
cd /usr/lib/gnome-keyring
sudo rm gnome-keyring-prompt gnome-keyring-prompt-3
Now a 'sudo' password is wanted by the system,give the user password there.
Now reboot the computer and enjoy the effect! :) 

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